Interview with Matt Fenton – CEO and Founder of Inspired Ventures

In this interview, we will introduce Matt Fenton, CEO, and Founder of Inspired Ventures, his background, and how he got involved in travel, sustainability, and managing an ethical and sustainable startup. We will discover what Inspired Ventures is and how it creates value and social impact for the local community, charities, and corporations. Why current brands are changing their value proposition in order to become more ethical. Matt will expand further into the brand’s values, and why is important to turn a customer into a brand ambassador. He will also explain how an influencer-led brand can create bigger opportunities for their business. After that he will delve into the importance of CSR and why today it sits at the center of business strategies. He explains new trends in the market such as climate change and environmental issues, and how businesses and startups should take these trends into account in order to have them reflect through their values and brands. Matt will also show us some successful examples of how brands connect their values with corporations in an ethical way and why it is important to focus on “why you do what you do” rather than telling people “what you do.