Interview with Michael Hudson – CEO and Founder of Bistocks

During this 45 minute interview, we will explore the world of Bitcoins, from the perspective of Michael Hudson, CEO, and founder of We will discuss how he had the idea to launch Bitstocks, a fast-growing startup that operates on Bitcoins. We will also discuss the future of the “classic” financial system, his most recent and successful projects within Bitstocks, how Bitcoins could help financial systems in Developing Countries, the evolution of Bitcoin from Bitcoin CORE (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). Michael will also share his perspective and vision about humanity, and how Bitcoin is very much related to our future, in ways beyond as a financial system. His critical eye is intended to give a different perspective on the current financial institutions and regulations, as well as to leave the audience with additional food for thought.