Voyage Control – Imogen Morgan – Head of Customer Success – Interview

Imy’s role within Voyage Control, her background and how from her internship she ended up obtaining the job. Imy explains how the company, a B2B Saas app, works. Details of Voyage Control, its founders and how the idea came about. After that we will discuss CSR and sustainability of the application as well as other verticals where the app can add efficiency and innovation. Coping in a global market with its international policies and regulations. Global supply – chain aspects. Business before and after COVID-19. Advice for students looking to explore logistics and supply-chain within a startup operating in a global environment. How the company works remotely and what software is used to scale the business (Slack, Gsuite, Teams, Zoom, PeopleHR, Hubspot, Zoho People Gira). Shoreditch (London) startup scene, and coffee shops to work from remotely in a coordinated and efficient way. We also asked Imy if productivity has changed by working remotely. Challenges faced in the transition from a startup to a full-grown company: training, processes and standardization, digitalization, managing competition and full knowledge of your market.